The IMS Certificate is a professional qualification for people who are serious about improving productivity.

This is a practical and very popular introduction to productivity and how it can be measured. You will learn to recognise the symptoms of low and improved productivity. We examine the fundamentals of measuring work and how to approach it. We cover the practical application of work measurement data so vital for management activities eg planning, costing, scheduling etc.

In-depth Learning

Who would benefit from this course?

Our delegates come from a variety of roles in every business sector. Click here for typical people.

Equipment you’ll need on this course

You will need stationery including pens, pencils, a ruler, an eraser and a calculator.

What you’ll have on successfully completing this course

You will have a solid foundation to learning about productivity and how it can be improved. You will understand about the impact of industrial engineering in every business sector and appreciate the value of Performance Rating and other work measurement tools and techniques.

IMS Student of the Year

The winner of the IMS Student of the Year 2016, announced in 2017, and the three runners-up were all trained by Scott-Grant. They came from Next Distribution Ltd, Burberry Ltd, Shop Direct Group and ZF TRW Systems Ltd.

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What to do next

If you need to improve capacity or reduce costs, or you need accurate data to determine how best to cope with change, we can provide the right way forward – cost-effectively. Remember that improving productivity is about making the better use of all your resources and vitally, making much better use of the critical ones.

Whichever business sector you operate in, the chances are we’ve helped people to address their productivity issues and improve the way they operate.

Scott-Grant can really help you improve your productivity and become more streamlined.

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