Our DVDs are unique – and perfect for developing your skills.

“HOW DO YOU RATE?” is a practical, 35 minute film that we have created. It explains in a memorable and entertaining way how Performance Rating can help in improving productivity.

It offers a very practical explanation of this technique used in the measurement of work. Although the subject matter is very serious, our film delivers its message in a relaxed and entertaining way. Above all, it is designed to be informative, practical and memorable.

Within 20 minutes viewers will have the opportunity to assess how a task is carried out, using the criteria explained in the film. We have also included sequences at the end of the film to test your rating technique.

The film “HOW DO YOU RATE?” is ideal for you if your organisation


  • Already uses Performance Rating but many employees, including managers and supervisors need a clearer, consistent understanding and appreciation of what it is and how it can help them
  • Wants to demonstrate Standard Performance and recognises the need to explain it to all employees
  • Needs to show how Performance Rating is used to relate to Standard Performance and adjusts the time taken to determine work content

We would encourage every industry to use this film
if they want to improve productivity in their workplace.

“HOW DO YOU RATE?” costs £335.

VAT and non UK delivery are extra.
You can order it here.


Rating films for professional analysts

We have a comprehensive series of 15 rating films on DVD covering a wide range of industries; there is no equivalent in the UK. Rating films show people undertaking actual jobs in the workplace.

This series includes films from the retail environment, from manufacturing, warehouse activities and an assortment of manual jobs. All previous titles have been edited and represented by Scott-Grant specialists to create a new and comprehensive series of rating films – unquestionably the best in the UK.

Each film illustrates actual activities at various performance levels. An example of an activity is demonstrated, then there are six scenes to be rated. Time is allowed between each scene to allow viewers to note their rating. We supply the correct ratings with each film. All the films are intended to develop the application skills of analysts. They are an invaluable means of professional development for re-calibrating and maintaining the accuracy of every professional analyst’s work, whatever the task.

Remember that Standard Performance is universal and can be used in any industry. A professional analyst should be able to apply Performance Rating correctly to any activity.

Each rating film costs £145. VAT and non UK delivery are extra.
Choose the titles from the following list and order them today.

Film ref Industry Activities include
TG201 electronics assembly, inspection, fitting, checking, packing TG201
TG202 needle trade cutting, stitching, hemming, assembly, packing TG202
TG203 engineering assembly, fitting, securing, sub assembly, using hoist TG203
TG204 engineering fitting, assembling and bolting, removing and cleaning assembly TG204
TG205 timber inspecting, feeding boards, dismantling cutter block using Allen key, operating fork lift TG205
TG206 mail distribution loading, sorting, clearing down, stamp cancelling TG206
TG207 mail distribution sorting letters, packets, coding, tipping bags to hopper TG207
TG208 retail checkout operations, pushing stock trolleys, slicing meat, placing price edge labels TG208
TG209 retail collecting trolleys, replenish goods, price verification, facing up, checkout TG209
TG210 manufacturing creating moulds, covering tennis balls, inflating, inspecting TG210
TG211 warehousing unloading, stacking with fork lift, order picking, moving pallets with hand truck TG211
TG212 manual work loading soil, potting out, emptying bins, sweeping, putty pointing TG212
TG213 distribution centre loading cartons, put away, sortation, shrink wrapping, loading trailer TG213
TG214 distribution centre hanging picking using ladder and pole, box picking, replenishing cartons, picking using hand pallet truck TG214
TG215 distribution centre packing singles and multiples, rectification, hanging and secondary inspection, pushing empty cage TG215

What does Standard Performance look like?


We have produced a DVD called “Standard Performance” which includes a range of real-life activities filmed in various industries. All the activities are assessed at 100 – Standard Performance. Viewers can also compare these with similar activities at less than 100 and greater than 100. We use these on our training courses for Rating analysts and in certain customer situations. “Standard Performance” is available for £85, VAT and non UK delivery are extra, and can be ordered here.

Tools for the productivity professional


Time Study board

A custom made, ergonomically designed Time Study board, suitable for left or right handed practitioners. This practical, sturdy but lightweight item takes both manual and electronic stopwatches; it can secure up to A4 size study sheets. £18.00 plus VAT and shipping.



We offer both mechanical and electronic stopwatches for sale.

Mechanical centiminute flyback stopwatch £75,

Universal clip for mechanical watch £10,

Mechanical stopwatch, clip and Time Study board £98,

Electronic milliminute stopwatch and clip £52,
and with Time Study board £68.

VAT and shipping are extra.

Don’t forget!

Every professional person needs to ensure they are operating to the highest levels of accuracy. For those using Performance Rating this is particularly crucial.

We are keen to ensure that productivity practitioners are as accurate and up to date as possible so we offer a number of opportunities to check their accuracy and trends and to renew their ANNUAL CERTIFICATION.

Performance Rating clinics, lasting one day, can be run throughout the UK as in-company or open courses.

See the full schedule of open rating clinics held in both Manchester and Motherwell.