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DC productivity gains in 2017

The Co-op in their food distribution centres are developing productivity levels by better managing performance based on their formally structured database of time standards using the MOST® technique.

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IMS Student of the Year

Find out who has scooped the prestigious international award over recent years, and the runners up.

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Are cost pressures a good thing?

How are businesses reacting to the current economic climate? Cost pressures can be a good thing.

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The time for time standards

It’s the right time for time standards. There’s a regularly increasing number of organisations – and fairly substantial ones at that – who are focussing on accurate time standards.

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Productivity professionals

Productivity professionals are called by all sorts of names! What is the market asking today of these professionals? Read more...

National Minimum Wage

Is the pressure on businesses from the latest legislation on wages a threat or an opportunity? Businesses are reacting to this in different ways.

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Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineer has vision: 20/20, tunnel and peripheral, night vision and 3D. But what does industrial engineering embrace? Look at some examples of the power of industrial engineering in an assortment of businesses.

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Food and drink industry

There are many statistics on the size of specific markets... but figures on the food and drink industry make interesting reading.

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Productivity takeoff in the aerospace industry

There has been a high number of businesses in the UK aerospace industry who are looking to get practical help and advice on improving their productivity. Bombardier is a prime example of a company wanting their people to have a productivity qualification.

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UK manufacturing continues to grow

Manufacturing is often considered to be the ‘metal bashing’ side of engineering but the sector is hugely diverse.

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